What is Social Media?

socialmedia1The introduction of WEB 2.0 with
all of its advanced applications has
great implications for the way we
connect and communicate via the
internet and networked portable devices.

Social Media can be described as a
series of computer applications that
facilitate networking and communication
via the internet and wireless
telecommunication portals.
Social Media can be used to share a wide variety of media, stories and ideas.
It can be used to connect us to online communities
or to simply access information and track our favorite websites.
Infact, as our needs and desires to find new modes of networking
grow, perhaps, so too does our appetite for finding new tools to
enable that growth.

A basic glossary of computing terms at Batchbook Software
provides the following definitions of Social Media and Social Networking.

Social Media
The term social media describes media
that is posed by the user and can take many
different forms. Some types of social media
are forums, message boards, blogs, wikis
and podcasts. Social media applications
include Google, Facebook and YouTube.

Social Networking
A social networking site allows you to
identify your contacts and establish a link
between you and each of your contacts.

Social Media is also an instrument of change, and one has only
to look at the practices and protocols of social networking sites such as
Myspace and Facebook to get a sense of how our mediated
interactions are evolving to fit the needs and anxieties of our networked

Like the ‘Veil of Maya’, social media may be seen as
an illusion which distorts the truth of our human engagement, but
it may also be a mechanism to pierce such a veil by establishing
alternative publishing models and networks that defy the systematic
globalisation of our media by offering independent views and voices

Interfaces become hurdles that must be overcome in order to use
these systems, but jump we shall as we set forth to explore
how these social media applications be used to document and
build communities.

Check out the following links and keep blogging and sharing
your thoughts throughout the semester.

What is Social Media? An ebook by Antony Mayfield

The Common Craft Show
This has an excellent selection of videos on the subject.

Top 50 Social Media Sites by Vladimir Prelovak.
A useful and comprehensive of social media with rankings
and great links to relevant websites and information.

Note: If you find more resources that you wish to share with
your fellow TS students then list them on your blog and
email the link to me.




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  1. redbackweb says:

    Hi Dean, Thanks for the link to these sites—very useful. V.

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