Basic Media Production tutorials 4 U

April 7, 2009


Hi TSers,

It’s time to jump into the serious
business of planning and making
your doco. You should have a good
idea what you require, based on the
what you have outlined in the learning
Firstly, you need to be very methodical
about the collection and storage of your
digital data. It doesn’t come natural for
most of us, so try to get into the habit
of storing content in folders. Label all
your folders eg; audio, photos, video, etc.

Keep track of everything and know exactly
where you have stored your files. Having a
well organised approach will save hours
when it comes to making your online doco.

When I resize images for online use, I copy
my originals into a folder called 72dpi
and then proceed to resize the copies. I do
this so I will always have my original photos,
as well as my resized images.

I have looked online for suitable video tutorials
and I have compiled the following playlist of
videos that cover imovie (video editing),
Garageband (audio editing), Photoshop (image
editing) and uploading videos to youtube.
There are also some great tutorials on the
apple ilife (imovie, garageband, etc) website below.

My youtube playlist link is below.

We will go through these production issues in
this week’s tute. Enjoy!