The Release form

April 1, 2009

If you are interviewing people or taking
photos/videos of people in private places,
getting permission from those people requires
more than a verbal agreement or a nod and a wink.

It is essential that your talent sign a release form.
A release form may set out the terms and conditions
of publication, or may simply provide a broad outline
of how the content will be used in the project, but most
importantly it is a document that provides clear proof of
permission to use material containing the signatory.

A release form is accepted practice and industry
It also protects you, as you and the signatory
know the conditions of participation and usage of material
in relation to your TS project. It helps you to plan, knowing
that your participants have agreed to give permission to use
their image, interviews or views.

For a copy of a release form click on the link below.